Wish list for 2013

A generic campaign for the Lebanese market

It’s about time. We have shown what can happen when we take the show on the road in the UK. Now we can inspire 4 million Lebanese to embrace a national product of which they can be proud. It wouldn’t cost that much either. To get going we would need a logo, a few posters, some leaflets and getting the local press and retail trade onside would be a start. The rest will come, especially if the newly established National Wine Institute can raise funding.

Drink Lebanese wine!

Drink Lebanese wine!

Less obsession with foreign wines

The bottle might say Bordeaux on the elegant and often funky label but, trust me, most are bought for 1 or 2 euros and sold off-trade for over $20. Bordeaux makes 700 million bottles each year and there is a lot of ordinary wine out there for which we are paying way over the odds. If you really like, say, white Burgundy or a Pomerol, then fair enough, but buying foreign just because you feel it’s better, or you feel you are making more of a statement when giving a gift, is simply ludicrous. Lebanese wine offers much better value and you are helping the economy.


Let's not get so excited about foreign wines

Let’s not get so excited about foreign wines



  • There should be more consumer education on grapes and styles of wine


  • Let’s have more screw tops for entry-level wines. We still have a warped idea of what is correct, but the world has moved on and we shouldn’t get left behind.
Screw that!

Screw that!

  • It would be good to see a wider range (i.e. not just the usual suspects) of Lebanese wines on local wine lists. And while we are on the subject, we should communicate to the local on-trade that we are not impressed with wine lists that are split into Lebanese and foreign wine. This gives the impression that the ‘local’ stuff is second best. (Which of course is not true).
It's not a case of 'them and us'

It’s not a case of ‘them and us’

  • And PLEASE PLEASE can we have no more undertrained (or even untrained) young ladies at supermarkets, especially at Christmas, offering samples of wine they cannot explain. It devalues the product. Ditto wine with gifts we don’t want.
More informed sale staff please

More informed sale staff please



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