Lebanese wine dinner at the Carlton Club

London’s venerable Carlton Club (above) will be hosting a Lebanese wine dinner on July 19. According to Derek Smedley MW, who selected the nine wines (see below) and who will be tutoring the dinner, the Carlton holds between three to four dinners a year for its members as well as one or two tutored tastings. They are mostly themed, either by region, country, grape or comparatives styles.

Why Lebanon? Derek, who has been to Lebanon twice, leading Arblaster and Clarke wine tours, is a big fan of our wines. “I am impressed by the wines and the enthusiasm and want to bring this into focus especially where the audience is sometimes quite conservative (with a small c),” he wrote from London. “The selection was to show the quality across a range of wineries. They show house style and area style. The take up for the dinner has been very good a full house at 60!”

Read all Derek’s tasting notes on Lebanese wines at http://www.edwardparkerwines.com/smedleys-wine-library

The dinner will be attended by Inaam Osseiran, Lebanon’s ambassdor to the Great Britain

Derek Smedley MW

The selected wines are

Arc-En-Ciel (Rosé) 2010

Karam Winery

Blanc de Blancs 2011

Château Ksara

Grande Resérve (White) 2011


Château Marsyas (White) 2009

Château Marsyas

Marquis des Beys 2009

Domaine des Tourelles

Fleur de Ka 2006

Château Ka

La Renaissance 2007

Château Bellevue

Massaya Rouge Gold Réserve 2007


Château Musar 2005

Château Musar


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