Bargylus Vertical Tasting in Beirut


Date: January 19, 2012

Location: Eau de Vie restaurant at the Beirut Phoenicia InterContinental

Whites (Chardonnay 60%, Sauvignon Blanc 40%, unoaked)

Alc: 13.5%

2009: Very light pear, almost translucent hue. Mild citrus and apple on the nose. Lots of body, decent acidity with a hint of “steel” in the mouth and very good length.

2008: Mid-pear hue. Nose a bit shy. “Fatter” than the 2009. In the mouth there is a strong savory element, pleasingly underpinned by the fruit. Long spicy finish.

2007: Mid-pear hue. Mild floral and apple nose. Excellent balance – fruit, texture and acidity. Fruit in the finish is the standout moment of this truly spectacular wine.

Reds (Syrah 40%, Cabernet Sauvignon 35%, Merlot 25%)

Alc: 14.5%

2008: Royal purple hue. A nose of pine and berries that defines the wonderful minerality possessed by this wine. The tannins have been well-managed to achieve superb integration with the fruit. Beautiful finish. Racy but elegant. The Latakia terroir has delivered freshness and body without compromising either.

2007: Nose is fruitier and more exuberant than the 2008. In the mouth there is a wonderfully freshness that gives way to berry fruits underpinned with spice and menthol. A staggeringly good wine that proves “International” need not mean over extracted and dressed in expensive oak.

2006: First Bargylus vintage. Pleasing menthol and raspberry nose. Fantastic freshness and minerality. Tannins more present than in the 07 and 08 so still an element of broodiness. Massive body, but due to the skill of the winemaker, one in which the wood has not hidden the fruit. A wine that will get better and better with age and arguably, potentially the best of the three on show today.


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