YWS partners with Riedel for launch of Wines of Lebanon @ Tawlet

Your wine style.com partnered Tawlet Souk el Tayeb, the hip Beirut eaterie, and Riedel, the upmarket wine glass people, for the launch of Wines of Lebanon@Tawlet last night. It was an initiative that brought together all of Lebanon’s wine producers under one roof to house the largest collection of Lebanese wine in any restaurant anywhere in the world. It will also hold regular events to promote, and raise awareness of Lebanon’s 7,000-year-old wine making heritage.

It was a smashing turnout, with at least 25 wineries represented. Riedel’s Philippe Guillion hosted a glass tasting showing casing three Lebanese and one French mono-varietal to highlight the way a thoughtfully made wine glass can enhance the tasting experience.

The initiative is a reminder that the best wines don’t necessarily have to be foreign. The world has known for a long time that Lebanon produces great wines that can hold their own with the best of the New World wineries and our wines are really getting noticed abroad. Now it is time to remind Lebanese wine drinkers that the great labels they have on their doorstep are every bit as good as those from France, Italy and California.

The occasion also included an exhibition of photographs taken by Tim Atkin MW during his visit here in November 2010 that captured the landscape and the personalities that make up the modern wine industry. Tim and I will be giving a joint masterclass on Lebanese wine at the London International Wine and Spirits Fair in London on May 17.

More pictures coming soon


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