Domaine des Tourelles opens Beirut boutique

Domaines des Tourelles opened its boutique on Beirut’s Rue Monot on Saturday, capping a ten-year process that has seen Lebanon’s first commercial winery fully rehabilitated.

Established in 1868 by a French adventurer, Francois-Eugene Brun, Domaine des Tourelles played a significant role in the early years of the Lebanon’s modern wine industry. Seventy years later, his grandson, the late Pierre Brun, inherited the winery as Lebanon endured the birthing pangs of independence. He steered the company through its most successful period and stood shoulder to shoulder with the people of his adopted country during the darkest days of the civil war.

When he died in 2000, a Franco-Lebanese dynasty came to an end but the winery was bought by Elie Issa, a local businessman, and Nayla Khoury, a cousin of Brun’s widow Margot. Both were keen to ensure the brand’s future and carry on the philosophy of the pioneering Brun family. Today, their children have taken over the reins and have made Domaine des Tourelles, one of Lebanon’s most exciting ‘new’ producers, with its five acclaimed wines – three reds, a white and a rose – as well as the famous Arak Brun and a host of other eaux de vie.

Faouzi Issa shows his wines

Congratulations to Elie, Nayla, Faouzi, Emile, Christiane and Joanna.


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