The best Lebanese wine list on the planet

At a time when a large number of Lebanese restaurants seem intent on offering over-priced foreign wines (and in doing so keeping many decent Lebanese producers off the nation’s wine list), it is heartening to see Kamal Mouzawak’s Tawlet bucking the trend.

The hippest “open kitchen” on earth, which champions home cooking from local producers with a dizzying rotation of local chefs and a different menu each day, also has what is arguably the finest selection of Lebanese wines of any restaurant anywhere in the world with nearly 50 labels from 17 producers. This list is sure to grow given that Lebanon can boast over 30 wineries.

In mid-March, Kamal, his partners and myself will be showcasing this stellar range of local wines on a comprehensive wine list, complete with tasting notes, that it is hoped will feature at least one wine from every wine producer in the country.

We will also be opening Tawlet every Thursday nights as a wine bar offering food and wine at ‘shelf’ or off-trade, prices. There will be a “wine of the week’ and it hoped that local producers will participate in regular “winemaker evenings”.

The idea is that Tawlet, as part of its overall ethos of promoting the small, local producers, will also be the epicenter for those seeking out best wines in the country and a hub for producers to showcase their wines.

Watch this space for more details.


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    Jill Boutros said,

    Tawlet has become an icon. It’s about time Lebanese country cuisine is celebrated in such a showcase of local talent! Of course, Chateau Belle-Vue would love to be a part of it, and we already are. Our efforts to revere tradition and farm using only organic practices put us right in line with Kamal’s noble intentions.
    Let me know what we can do to participate.

  2. 2

    Dear Michael , we thank you and Kamal for this initiative. As you already know we are already on the wine list of Tawlet El Souk and Coteaux de Botrys would love to participate in this event and any future events you suggest.
    Kind Regards.

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