Oh I say!

I gave a talk to the British Ladies Association (I hope I have the name right) on Thursday. They we absolutely fantastic, making me feel very welcome and engaging in a lively debate on Lebanese wine and vinous matters in general. They were interested, engaging and informed. A real pleasure.

So informed that one brave member, Dorothy Chamoun, even asked me about the practice of filtering wine with blood. I was flumoxed. It was the first I had heard of it  and when I got home, I checked the ‘Bible’ (Jancis Robinson’s Oxford Wine Companion) and  found no reference. Phew I was safe.

But then, a wine producer friend told me that blood was in fact used in France to ‘fine’ or filter wine until EU regulations, and the BSA scare, prohibited the practice. The lady who asked the question was equally determined to prove her point and sent a link to her doubting fellow members. Well, you live and learn. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/377938.stm

Once again I would like to think the BLA (the liberties one takes with names) for their hospitality. Maybe one day we can do a tasting? But not at 11am please.


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