My wife and screwtop wine

Mrs Karam went to party with her girlfriends last night. She took a bottle of Massaya Classic, not because she particularly likes it but because it has a screw top. In fact, if she had it her way she would buy Massaya Blanc and the Classic every time simply on this basis. “It’s easier to open,” the ever-practical Mrs Karam argues. “We women don’t like the corkscrew thing, plus it can be resealed and put in the fridge”.

But let’s move to another scenario. I was having a drink with a couple a few months back. We were discussing Riedel stemware and I think I said something that the famous glasses are not necessarily for everyday day drinking and the woman said “yah, not for the kind of wine that comes with a screw top”. Hmph! No ambiguity as to where she stands on the screwcap issue.

It’s hardly a new debate. Global attitudes are changing but in Lebanon there is clearly still an image problem with too many consumers equating screwcaps as cheap. But the vast majority of wine today is made to be drunk with two to three years. So the hazy argument about the aging ability of the screwcap is a non-starter.

For the record screwtops are easy to open and resealable. There is no cork taint. Wine can be stored standing up and you don’t get that irritating situation of the cork breaking, leading to bits floating in the glass or decanter

Would you buy wine in a screwtop bottle? Remember who does the shopping?









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    Rudi van Vuuren said,

    Michael, I am also still somewhat apprehensive regarding screw tops, probably because I grew up in South Africa and for many years all the cheap wines were bottled with screw tops.
    At home I was fortunate enough to have corked wines only and grew up that way. I have noticed that many of the old favorites have now also moved over to screw tops and i am getting accustomed to that but I still enjoy my corked wine.
    The same goes for glasses, never drink wine out of plastic or porcelain! always a good wineglass! Even cheap wine tastes great of a nice glass!

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