Lebanese wine and the headache myth

Many Lebanese drinkers I know complain that Lebanese (as opposed to foreign) wine gives them a headache, that it is too tannic. For the record, it has nothing to do with the tannins and, if memory serves, everything to do with the Phenolics in the wine that can release the headache inducing seratomin.

But I bet we are simply serving the wrong wine at the wrong time with the wrong food. We also should be serving wines that are meant to be drunk now. The latest Comte de M, or any other Lebanese flagship label for that matter, really should be ‘put down’ for at least five years in my opinion to allow the tannins to become softer. This will immeasurably improve the drinking experience.

The label may impress your guests but they wont get the best out of what’s in the bottle if it’s too young. If your pocket or your patience can’t stretch that far, serve them what the trade calls young drinking wines. Trust me, they will enjoy the dinner a lot more. Who knows? They might even give up whisky!


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